Big Lunch

Big Lunch

Tuesday 8PM-10PM

Musical hedonism. No use for genre boundaries. Grab a plate.

  • October 26, 2021

    Big Lunch: 2021 Halloween Spooktacular

    • Mungolian Jetset "Y Lentokone Mungo" [We Gave It All Away...And Now We Are Taking It Back]
    • Mungolian Jetset "Creepy" [We Gave It All Away...And Now We Are Taking It Back]
    • Goblin "Suspiria - Originale" [Suspiria]
    • Roky Erickson "I Think of Demons" [The Evil One]
    • Tom Waits "What's He Building?" [Mule Variations (Remastered)]
    • Massive Attack "Risingson" [Mezzanine]
    • Pink Floyd "One of These Days" [Meddle]
    • Vince Tempera "Sette note - Pt. 1 - Single Version" [Sette note in nero]
    • Afro-Disiak "Chant Vaudou" [Discophilia Belgica : Next-door-disco & Local Spacemusic from Belgium 1975-1987]
    • Shiho Yabuki "Tomoshibi" [The Body Is a Message of the Universe - からだは宇宙のメッセージ]
    • Ween "Mutilated Lips" [The Mollusk]
    • The Doors "Horse Latitudes" [Strange Days]
    • Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper" [Nebraska]
    • GAS "Narkopop 1" [Narkopop]
    • Alice Coltrane "Andromeda's Suffering" [Lord Of Lords]
    • Colin Stetson "Reborn" [Hereditary (Original Soundtrack Album)]
    • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Constant Fear" [Black Earth]
    • Jocelyn Pook "Masked Ball - 1999 Extended Mix" [Flood]
    • Coil "The Mothership and the Fatherland - Prescription Edition" [Astral Disaster (Prescription Edition)]
    • Miles Davis "He Loved Him Madly" [Panthalassa: The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974 Reconstruction & Mix Translation By Bill Laswell]
  • October 12, 2021


    • Os Mulheres Negras "Mãoscolorida" [Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996]
    • Lifetones "Good Side" [For a Reason]
    • McCoy Tyner "Motherland" [Horizon]
    • The Avalanches "Etoh" [Since I Left You]
    • Neu! "Paradise Walk" [Neu! '86]
    • ABBA "Elaine" [Super Trouper]
    • Call Super "Arpo Sunk" [Arpo]
    • Deerhunter "Like New" [Fluorescent Grey EP]
    • Juana Molina "A00 B01" [Halo]
    • Liquid Liquid "Out" [Optimo]
    • D Double E "Original Format" [Original Format]
    • Kiln "Saturator" [Astral Welder]
    • Ultraísta "Bad Insect" [Ultraísta]
    • Pa Salieu "No Warnin’ (feat. Boy Boy)" [Send Them To Coventry]
    • Minor Science "Blue Deal" [Second Language]
    • The Names "Nightshift" [Swimming]
    • Kate Bush "Delius" [Never for Ever]
    • The Soft Pink Truth "Grace" [Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?]
    • Motohiko Hamase "Childhood" [Reminiscence]
    • Eberhard Weber "Sand-Glass" [Yellow Fields]
    • Cabaret du Ciel "Falasarna Exposure" [Skies in the Mirror]
    • Ludwig A.F. "Velocity" [Minus One]