Unclaimed Baggage

Laura Lane

Sunday 4PM-6PM

Unclaimed Baggage. Lost along the way, but the soundtracks far from not forgotten. Certain songs belong to us but had become abandoned in time due to specific circumstances: love, lost love, specific people, specific places, specific times, specific things - specific moments in your life, a specific sometimes representing the tastes of a specific person you no longer are. The specific identity and what you listened to., what was going on in your life, what track was playing in the soundtrack. Lights, camera, action - expect to hear lotsa intoxicating jams and ballads derived from the genres of post-punk, international, electronic, new wave, metal, stoner rock, whatever I have been or currently been be-boppin' to. So if that all sounds like music to your ears, make sure to keep that derrière in that chair-ee-air for more up next on 'Unclaimed Baggage' with Laura Lane, only on KFFP-LP 90.3FM, Freeform Portland.