thriller zone

dj sweet2thesweet

Friday 2AM-4AM

an archaic time machine, prone to mechanical failure, takes a sporadic ride through the not so distant past and veers haphazardly into the future.

a thrilling soundtrack to spontaneous night drives, walks through the graveyard, or deciding you'd rather just stay at home with your cats.

//home recordings\\new wave//
//power pop\\protopunk\\lo-fi \\ \\glam//bubblegum\\goth\\ disco\\etc 

  • June 14, 2019

    • Clio "Eyes - Extended Vocal Mix" [Eyes]
    • Strawberry Switchblade "Michael Who Walks by Night" [Strawberry Switchblade]
    • Cowabunga Babes "Crush Song" [Going Nowhere]
    • Geneva Jacuzzi "Casket" [Technophelia]
    • Pas De Deux "Lonely Guys " [Lonely Guys 7"]
    • Fuzzbox "What's the Point" [Look At The Hits On That!]
    • Pete Shelley "Yesterday's Not Here" [Homosapien]
    • The Cleaners From Venus "Time in Vain" [Midnight Cleaners]
    • Orange Juice "I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive" [The Orange Juice]
    • R. Stevie Moore "Goodbye Piano" [Phonography]
    • Sparks "Underground" [A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing]
    • THe Oblong Boys "Life is Meaningless " [Pizzarama Universe]
    • Recipe "Sidewalk Fold-up" [Sidewalk Fold-up]
    • Turquoise Days "Alternative Strategies" [Alternative Strategies]
    • Bill Nelson "A Private View" [The Love That Whirls]
    • Experiemental products "Lies " [untitled 7"]
    • The Humans "I Live in the City" [I Live in the City]
    • The Homosexuals "Hearts in Exile / You're Not Moving Away" [Polyfest Presents… the Day the World Turned Day-Glo - A Celebration of Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex]
    • Adam & The Ants "Zerøx" [Dirk Wears White Sox (Remastered)]
    • Tubeway Army "Out Of Sight (Remastered)" [The Plan]
    • Cardiacs "dog like sparky" [Sing To God]
    • Harry Merry "Pin Up Pup" [First Contact]
    • Scientists "Shadows of the Night" [The Scientists]
    • Richard Hell "The Kid with the Replaceable Head - Single Version" [Spurts: The Richard Hell Story (2013 Remaster)]
    • Geza X "Rx Rock & Roll - Bonus Track" [You Goddam Kids!]
    • Pink Section "Wine World" [Pink Section]
    • Pataphysics "Miniskirts And Bikinis" [Take A Look Out Your Window]
    • The Homosexuals "astral glamour" [Astral Glamour]
    • The Quick "Hillary" [Mondo Deco]
    • Milk 'N' Cookies "Tinkertoy Tomorrow" [Milk 'N' Cookies]
    • The Shivvers "No Reaction" [Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop 1979-82]
    • Vanessa "Dynamite" [Obsession]