TBA Tuesday 4AM


Tuesday 4AM-6AM

  • May 28, 2019

    Substitute DJ: DJ Cat Snacks

    • May 21, 2019

      Things and stuff

      Substitute DJ: DJ Zoloft

      • Cass McCombs "You Saved My Life" [Catacombs]
      • Mike Patton "Ore D'Amore" [Mondo Cane]
      • Broadcast "Come On Let's Go" [The Noise Made By People]
      • Battles "Race : Out" [Mirrored]
      • Sugar "Changes" [Copper Blue (Deluxe Remaster)]
      • Wilco "At least that's what you said" [A ghost is born (Deluxe Version)]
      • The Replacements "Asking Me Lies" [Don't Tell A Soul]
      • Ween "I'm Holding You" [12 Golden Country Greats]
      • LAKE "You Are Alone" [You Are Alone b/w Higher Than Merry]
      • M. Ward "Watch the Show" [A Wasteland Companion]
      • The Most Serene Republic "Threehead" [Phages]
      • Paper Brain "Shackleton" [At All / Shackleton]
      • Sonic Youth "The Diamond Sea - Radio Edit" [The Diamond Sea]
      • Pavement "Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)" [Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe]
      • Dean Ween Group "Mercedes Benz" [The Deaner Album]
      • Junior Private Detective "Aftermath" [Erase]
      • Malian Musicians "Sunset Coming On" [Mali Music]
      • Sparklehorse "Ghost In The Sky" [Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain]
      • Kaki King "My Insect Life" [Legs to Make us Longer]
      • Dick Diver "Calendar Days" [Calendar Days]
      • The Dip "Chanterelle" [Won't Be Coming Back]
      • Guided By Voices "Gold Star For Robot Boy" [Bee Thousand]
      • Massive Attack "Live With Me" [Collected]
      • Magic Bullets "Sigh the Day Away" [Magic Bullets]
      • Blah Blah Blah "Goodbye L.A" [This Is for the Time]
      • Spiral Stairs "Angel Eyes" [Doris and the Daggers]
      • Apostle Of Hustle "Blackberry" [Eats Darkness]
    • May 05, 2019

      Substitute DJ: Graceless

      • September 26, 2017

        • "guest host dj zen_hound"
        • Wipers "Doom Town" [Over the Edge]
        • YOB "Burning the Altar" [The Great Cessation]
        • Fall Of Efrafa "Beyond the Veil" [Elil]
        • Wolves In The Throne Room "Born from the Serpent's Eye" [Thrice Woven]
        • Moura Lympany "Etude in A minor, Op. 25 No. 11 "Winter Wind"" [Moura Lympany Plays Chopin - The Reader's Digest 1966 Sessions]
        • Eyehategod "Depress" [In the Name of the Suffering (Reissue)]
        • Khanate "Capture" [Capture & Release]
        • Snakehole "Hollow Tomorrow" [Interludes of Insanity]
        • The Body "Starving Deserter" [No One Deserves Happiness]
        • Make "The Immortal" [The Golden Veil]
        • Disrotted "DELIQUIUM" [Disrotted / Moloch Split 7"]
        • Palo Verde "Swimming in the Royal Academy" [(We've Gotta) KEEP OUR HEADS - An Eolian Empire Compilation]
      • September 19, 2017

        • The Doors "The End" [Apocalypse Now - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
        • Bo Hansson "Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings" [Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings]
        • Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells" [Tubular Bells]