TBA Thursday 12AM


Thursday Midnight-2AM

  • August 15, 2019

    Substitute DJ: DJ Going Places

    • Body of Light "Don't Pretend" [Time To Kill]
    • De Ambassade "Geen Genade" [Wat Voel Je Nou]
    • Sleeping Desires "We Need" [Sleeping Desires]
    • Xeno & Oaklander "Sets & Lights" [Sets & Lights]
    • Fatamorgana "Universo" [Terra Alta]
    • Second Still "Double Negative" [Violet Phase]
    • Sex Park "Rhyme or Reason" [Atrium]
    • Lust For Youth "Ecstacy" [Saluting Rome]
    • VACANT STARES "Impulse Control" [Impulse Control]
    • Skeleton Hands "New Clear Dawn" [Wake]
    • Hante. "Wild Animal" [FIERCE]
    • SS-Say "Care" [The Hidden Tapes]
    • CCFX "The One to Wait" [CCFX EP]
    • The Cure "Closedown" [Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)]
    • Chasms "Every Heaven in Between" [The Mirage]
    • Belong "Perfect Life" [Common Era]
    • Decima Victima "Almas Perdidas" [Decima Victima]
    • Soft Kill "Whirl" [Choke]
    • Cosmetics "Sleepwalking - 7" Release" [Olympia.. Plus]
    • VR SEX "The Watchers" [Horseplay]
    • Human Leather "Ugly Sister" [Lazy Karaoke]
    • All Your Sisters "The Deceiver" [Trust Ruins]
    • Alexander Miranda "Song for Arthur" [Song for Arthur]
  • August 01, 2019

    Gary Sittin' In, Playin' Stuff

    Substitute DJ: Gary

    • Male Chorus Genoa "In The Mood" [Italian Treasury: The Trallaleri of Genoa]
    • Fanclub "Swear" [All The Same]
    • The National "Baby, We'll Be Fine" [Alligator]
    • Ozwald "Dream Child" [Sweet Delerium]
    • Broadcast "Distant Call" [Come On Let's Go]
    • Thomas Newman "Any Other Name" [American Beauty OST]
    • Sentinel "Smoke & Mirrors" [Points Of Light]
    • The Pinheads "For A While" [Is This Real]
    • Superego "Case Study: Kenny Gottlieb" [Superego Season 2, Episode 6]
    • The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy "Still In The Kitchen" [Distressed Gentlefolk]
    • The Mountain Goats "Cadaver Sniffing Dog" [In League With Dragons]
    • Gary Numan "Films" [The Pleasure Principle]
    • Joe Newman with Frank Foster "AM Romp" [Good 'N' Groovy]
    • Summer Camp "Drive Past My House" [Bad Love]
    • Kitty Kat Fan Club "Dreamy Little You" [Dreamy Little You]
    • Tullycraft "Ticket Tonight" [City Of Subarus]
    • Catenary Wires "Sixteen Again" [Til The Morning]
    • Quigley "Mr Inbetween" [1969 Till God Knows When]
    • The Pre New "Psychedelic Lies" [The Male Eunuch]
    • The Clarendonians "Sho Be Do" [Oldies But Goodies Vol. 2]
    • John The Martyr "Time" [Time]
    • The Feelies "Find A Way" [Time For A Witness]
    • Tristen "Dream Within A Dream" [Dream Within A Dream]