TBA Friday 2AM


Friday 2AM-4AM

  • April 05, 2019

    Substitute DJ: Secret Snake

    • acid king "2 wheel nation" [III]
    • acid king "sunshine and sorrow" [III]
    • dopethrone "dry hitter " [hochelaga]
    • dopethrone "bullets" [hochelaga]
    • electric wizard "barbarian" [dopethrone]
    • electric wizard "we hate you" [dopethrone]
    • ufomammut "sulphurdew" [ORO: Opus Alter]
    • weedeater "$20 peanut" [god luck and good speed]
    • weedeater "weedmonkey" [god luck and good speed]
    • cough "ritual abuse" [ritual abuse]
    • 1349 "hellfire" [hellfire]
    • leviathan "the idiot sun" [the tenth sub level of suicide]
    • drudkh "solitude" [blood in our wells]
  • January 25, 2019

    Substitute DJ: zen_hound

    • YOB "Ablaze" [Our Raw Heart]
    • Imperial Triumphant "The Filth" [Vile Luxury]
    • Windhand "Winter Sun" [Windhand]
    • Hell "Victus" [Hell]
    • Inter Arma "Sundown" [Sundown]
    • Wolves In The Throne Room "Prayer of Transformation" [Celestial Lineage]
    • Vastum "Empty Breast" [Hole Below]
    • Senior Fellows "Religion and Other Forms of Manmade Disaster" [Shallow Grave For a Dying God]
    • Jesu "December" [Ascension (Reissue)]
    • Rwake "It Was Beautiful But Now It's Sour" [Rest]
    • Elder "Blind" [Reflections of a Floating World]