The Space Between

Yolo Biafra

Saturday 4PM-6PM

Left-field pop and dance tunes from all over the world, every other week.

  • April 13, 2019

    • Pional "XME" [XME]
    • Yukihiro Takahashi "Grand Espoir" [Neuromantic]
    • M'Boom "Caravanserai" [M'Boom]
    • Tata Vega "Get It Up For Love" [Try My Love]
    • 79.5 "Facing East" [Predictions]
    • Dazzle "Play It" [12" single]
    • Manu Dibango "Cava Chouia" [Ambassador]
    • Metro Area "Here Honey Circuit" [12" single]
    • I-Level "No. 4" [I-Level]
    • Japan "The Art of Parties" [Tin Drum]
    • Heaven 17 "Let Me Go" [12" single]
    • U.S. Girls "Rosebud" [A Poem Unlimited]
    • Prince Mohammid "Bubbling Love" [12" single]
    • Burning Spear "Social Living" [Harder Than The Best]
    • Sylvia "Lay It On Me" [12" single]
    • Loni Gamble Band "I Like the Way You Do It (Tom Noble edit)" [12" single]
    • Brenda and the Tabulations "Let's Go All the Way Down" [I Keep Coming Back for More]
    • Two Tons o Fun "Got the Feeling" [Two Tons o Fun]
    • Sylvester "Sex" [12 by 12]
    • Azoto "Anytime or Place" [12" single]
    • Dr. Doo-Wah "Kongas" [Steppin' Out]
    • Hugh Masekela "Don't Go Lose It Baby" [12" single]
    • Bitori "Bitori Nha Bibinha" [Legend of Funana]
    • Kid Creole and the Coconuts "Annie I'm Not Your Daddy" [12" single]