Psykick Dancehall


Friday 10AM-Noon

Quality local independent artists, weird punk, freak punk, outsider artists, lost gems and failed gems…Tunes to corrupt your musical sensibilities

  • March 06, 2020

    Show #001

    • Eddy Current Suppression Ring "All in Good Time" [All in Good Time]
    • The Prats "Jesus Had a P.A." [Now That's What I Call Prats Music]
    • Tim Presley "ER" [The Wink]
    • Y pants "Thats the way boys are" [Beat it Down]
    • Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Zopf: In A Sydney Motel - 2008 Digital Remaster" [Music From The Penguin Cafe]
    • Lars Finberg "Ambiverts" [Moonlight Over Bakersfield]
    • The Fall "Repitition" [singles 1978-2016]
    • Philip Glass "Einstein on the Beach: Knee Play 3" [Glass: Einstein on the Beach - The Sony Opera House]
    • Bill Orcutt "The World Without Me" [Bill Orcutt]
    • Cube "In This House" [Decoy Street]
    • Mansion "California Priest" [Early Life]
    • Young Marble Giants "Credit In The Straight World - Taken From The Salad Days Album" [Colossal Youth]
    • Blurt "The Fish Needs a Bike - ORIGINAL" [Let There Be Blurt Volume 1: The Fish Needs a Bike]
    • Blurt "This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir" [Blurt + Singles]
    • Public Image Ltd. "Under the House" [The Flowers Of Romance]
    • Gen pop "No Change" [II]
    • Gen Pop "Din" [II 7'']
    • Kedama "Our Power (Live at Sunrise Studios)" [The Complete Collection]
    • Planet Haha "Home" [12'']
    • Haruomi Hosono "Sports Men - 2019 Remastering" [Philharmony]
    • The all night workers "Why Dont you smile" [45 ]
    • René Touzet "El Loco Cha Cha" [Julie Is Her Name]
    • Kim Carter "Energy" [Switched-On Eugene]
    • Obsidian Blade "Dactyl Nightmare" [Obsidian Blade]
    • Rosey Dust "Shes the one" [Keep For Life]
    • SPF "Feel the breeze" [Peace Sign]
    • The Whines "The wrong side of light" [Almanac]
    • Sleeping Beauties "Bobby & Suzie" [Sleeping Beauties]
    • Algebra Mothers "Modern Noise" [Strawberry Cheesecake]
    • Sonny Sharrock "Monkey-Pockie-Boo" [Monkey Pockie Boo]