Planet Yoon


Thursday 2AM-4AM

A freeform exploration/celebration of all sounds and their reflections on the ever-changing moods instigated by time of day, seasons, the weather, and overall vibes abound. Old and new, long and short, fast and slow, happy and sad, down-to-earth and outer space all commingle in the musical continuum. Let's take a ride!

  • April 11, 2019


    • The Pointer Sisters "Yes We Can Can" [The Pointer Sisters]
    • Electric Light Orchestra "Shine a Little Love" [Discovery]
    • Funkadelic "Good to Your Earhole" [Let's Take it to the Stage]
    • J Dilla "Working on it" [Donuts]
    • 79.5 "Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)" [Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub) single]
    • Universal Togetherness Band "More Than Enough" [Saturday Night single]
    • Toro y Moi "Freelance" [Outer Peace]
    • Morgan Geist "Discotheque - Disco Special" [Unclassics: Obscure Electronic Funk & Disco 1978-1985]
    • The Bee Gees "Night Fever" [Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack]
    • The Juan MacLean "Running Back to You" [In a Dream]
    • Missing Persons "Destination Unknown" [Missing Persons]
    • Olivia Newton-John "Magic" [Xanadu]
    • The Buggles "Johnny on the Monorail" [The Age of Plastic]
    • Suzane Ciani "The Third Wave: Love in the Waves" [Seven Waves]
    • Fairport Convention "Eastern Rain" [What We Did on Our Holidays]
    • Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms" [Parallelograms]
    • Yes "Astral Traveller" [Time and a Word]
    • Queen "In The Lap of the Gods" [Sheer Heart Attack]
    • Anbot Rodroid "Stars All Disappear" [Cyputer Comborgs]
    • The Millennium "The Island" [Begin]
    • Martin Denny "Strange Music" [Martin Denny's Exotic Sounds Visit Broadway]
    • The Carpenters "Mr. Guder" [Close To You]
    • King Crimson "I Talk to the Wind" [In The Court of the Crimson King]
    • Joni Mitchell "The Fiddler and the Drum" [Clouds]