Outer Limits of the Microcosm

Amity Infinity

Tuesday 10AM-Noon

Playing a smattering of obscure tracks, world rhythms, virtuosos, space themes, and punchy marginal bands.

  • April 09, 2019

    Outer Limits of The Microcosm w/ Amity Infinity

    • Musique "Summer Love" [Keep On Jumpin']
    • Musique "Keep On Jumpin'" [Keep On Jumpin']
    • Milliken Chamber "Cruel Excess" [Absence]
    • Fun Boy Three "Our Lips Are Sealed - Urdu Version" [Really Saying Something: The Best of Fun Boy Three]
    • Plastikman "Konception" [Musik]
    • Plastikman "Goo" [Musik]
    • Collate "Communication" [Communicate 7"]
    • Yello "Dr Van Steiner - Remastered 2005" [One Second (Remastered 2005)]
    • Tommy Dorsey "Opus #1" [The Sentimental Gentleman Of Swing - The Tommy Dorsey Centennial Collection]
    • N. Drew, R. Hawtin , A. Mamaril "From our Minds to Yours" [From Our minds to Yours]
    • Yma Sumac "Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)" [Xtabay]
    • Yma Sumac "LLulla Mak'ta " [Xtabay]
    • War "LA Sunshine (DJ Talk Over)" [Platinum Jazz]
    • Meco "Empire Stikes Back (Medley)" [7"]
    • The Singing Nun "Je Voudrais" [The Singing Nun ]
    • The Singing Nun "Touts les Chemins" [The Singing Nun and 11 other songs]
    • Milliken Chamber -( Kevin Czarnik, Anna Schmidt) "Bodies" [Absence]
    • Claudine Longet "Wanderlove" [Claudine]
    • Black Marble "MSQ No-Extra" [A Different Arrangement]
    • Lee Ranaldo "Time Stands Still" [From Here to Infinity]
    • Shock Therapy "Pain" [Hate Is a 4-Letter Word]
    • Romeo Void "Not Safe - 12" Single Version" [Benefactor]
    • Brass Construction "Now is Tommorrow " [Brass Construction II]
    • Daisy Dee "Crazy / Mad Mix " [Crazy 12"]
    • Martin Gore "Compulsion " [Counterfeit EP]
    • Spot 1019 "Niteclub" [Still Again]
    • Les Rita Mitsouko "C'est Comme Ça (Extended Version)" [C'est Comme Ça US 12"]
    • Black Marble "Static " [A Different Arrangement]
    • Black Marble "UK" [A Different Arrangement]