Night Service


Saturday 8PM-10PM

A blend of techno, acid, breakbeat and gritty electro, Night Service aims to showcase LGBTQIA and POC in the underground dance music arena with guest DJs and chats about their stories.

  • May 02, 2020

    • Svreca "Ebisu (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)" [Narita (Rephased by Valentino Mora​)]
    • Under Black Helmet "Lost Signal" [Mute]
    • Shanti Celeste "Days Like This" [Days Like This]
    • Octo Octa "I Need You" [For Lovers]
    • Whim-Ee Feat Myles Sergé "Community (Norm Talley Remix)" [Community]
    • Shanti Celeste "Nu4Him" [Alma]
    • Porttabl "Don't Give Up (Cassy Remix)" [Don't Give Up (Remixes)]
    • D. Tiffany "Distant Globes" [V2M]
    • Dude Energy "Renee Running" [Dude Energy]
    • Avalon Emerson "Natural Impasse" [Narcissus in Retrograde]
  • March 07, 2020

    • Jacques Greene "Night Service" [Dawn Chorus]
    • Wav Fuzz "WVZ (Moon B's Clappin' Mix)" [WVZ]
    • Jami Bassols "Modulation " [JMII Modulations]
    • De Bons En Pierre "A Very Bad Meal" [EP No. 1]
    • Patricia "Waiting For Alexis" [Body Issues]
    • Doubt "Web of Minds" [Web of Minds]
    • Willaims 99 cent dreams "Governor" [The Rent]
    • OG AG "untitled" [untitled]
    • Russel E.L. Butler "Unrepentent Privelage" [The First Step]
    • Tin Man "Mystified Acid" [Acid Test 08]
    • Florian Kupfer "This Society (Betrayal Mix)" [Head]
    • DVS1 "Traverse" [ Distress ]
    • Tom Trago "Saudade - Main Mix" [Saudade]
    • Bayview Acid Squirrels "Love Is The Slug" [Squirrels On Acid]
    • Jackmaster Hater "Acid (Unreleased Acid Version)" [Acid Trax / Acid ]
    • Catalepsia "Green Wing (Area Nudge Nudge)" [ Amalgam EP ]