Needles And Pins

Hunky Dory

Tuesday Noon-2PM

A mix of punk, new wave, old blues and jazz.

  • October 29, 2019


    • Chris & Cosey "Sweet Surprise " [Sweet Surprise]
    • Baby Huey "Hard Times " [The Baby Huey Story The Living Legend]
    • ONJ "16 beat " [ONJ]
    • Pastor TL Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir "Like a Ship" [Like A Ship... (Without A Sail)]
    • Cate Le Bon "Meet The Man " [Reward]
    • Leonard Cohen "Death Of Ladies Man " [Death of a ladies' Man]
    • Cowboys International "Wish" [The Original Sin]
    • Collate "Selective Memory" [7in]
    • Delta 5 "Shadow" [see the whirl]
    • Psychic Tv "Roman P" [The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP]
    • Pylon "Danger" [Gyrate]
    • The World "You're Going Down" [(Reddish)]
    • Mope Grooves "Turn To Glass" [Desire]
    • The 13th Floor Elevators "She Lives in a Time Of Her Own" [Easter Everywhere]
    • John Cale "Big White Cloud" [Vintage Violence]
    • Cass Elliot "Easy Come, Easy Go" [Bubblegum, Lemonade &.. Something For Mama]
    • Martin Rev "Mari" [Martin Rev]
    • Harumi "First Impressions" [Harumi]
    • Harry Nilsson "Me And My Arrow" [The Point!]
    • Love "Always See Your Face" [Four Sail]
    • Charlie Megira "Haven't The Poor People Suffered Enough" [Boom Chicka Boom Boom]
    • Range Rats "Fast Freight Train" [Range Rats]
    • Can "Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone" [Soundtracks]
    • Odetta "All My Trials" [Odetta Sings Folk Songs]
    • The Cake "World Of Dreams" [The Cake]
    • Cymande "Willy's Headache" [Second Time Round]
    • Darondo "Didn't I " [Listen To My Song]
    • Nina Simone "Do What You Gotta Do - Remastered" ['Nuff Said]
    • Skip Spence "All Come to Meet Her" [OAR]
    • Michael Hurley "What'llya Do/ What'llya Say?" [Back Home With Drifting Woods]