Light Fields

DJ Mind Decay & DJ AnthroProxy

Sunday 6PM-8PM

An interstellar nomadic duo traverse genres spanning the cacophonous, the peculiar, and the ethereal. This fortnightly broadcast will feature classic and futurist sounds from beyond, embracing the moribund and sardonic noise of the diverse underground.

  • April 07, 2019

    Light Fields I

    • Diamanda Galás "The Law of the Plague" [The Divine Punishment]
    • Lydia Lunch "Suicide Ocean" [13.13]
    • Pharmakon "Transmission" [Contact]
    • Lustmord "Terror Against Terror" [Paradise Disowned]
    • Rozz Williams "The Conversation (Pig)" [PIG/1334 - Original Film Soundtrack]
    • Brian Eno "Shell" [More Music For Films]
    • Cosey Fanni Tutti "Orenda" [TUTTI]
    • Morgenstern "Hypnotize" [Cold]
    • S.I.N.A "No Light" [Snapshot]
    • MS Gentur "Physis" [First Chapter]
    • Xebox "Mekanosaurus" [Mechanical Structures]
    • Asche "Your Bomb" [Distorted Disco]
    • Proyecto Mirage "Ich Werde" [Two Tons of Rubble]
    • Bauhaus "Lagartija Nick" [7" single]
    • The Jesus and Mary Chain "Nine Million Rainy Days" [Darklands (Expanded Version)]
    • The Lucy Show "The White Space" [Undone]
    • The Icicle Works "I Never Saw My Hometown 'til I Went Around the World" [If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song]
    • A Flock Of Seagulls "The Fall" [Listen]
    • Love and Rockets "The Dog-end Of A Day Gone By" [Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven]
    • Slowdive "Catch The Breeze" [Just For A Day]
    • Blancmange "Time Became The Tide" [Mange Tout (Extended Version)]
    • Sisters of Mercy "Floorshow" [Some Girls Wander By Mistake]
    • Tones On Tail "Burning Skies" [Everything!]
    • The Cars "Panorama" [Panorama]
    • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "The Ship Song - 2010 Remastered Version" [The Good Son (2010 Remastered Version)]
    • Solace "Hold Yourself In" [The Ruin of Ghosts]
  • April 06, 2019