Kiss or Kill

tay xo

Tuesday Midnight-2AM

Kiss or Kill borrows its title from one of tay xo's favorite bands of the punk cannon, X. "We're desperate - get used to it - it's Kiss or Kill." This program celebrates music with heart, grit and urgency. The songs cut or caress, they bleed or burn, they kiss or kill.

  • September 09, 2019

    chapter one

    • x "wer're desperate" [wild gift]
    • germs "forming" [.]
    • the adicts "joker in the pack" [sound of music]
    • black flag "wasted" [nervous breakdown]
    • the gun club "a devil in the woods" [miami]
    • the cramps "i was a teenage werewolf" [songs the lord taught us]
    • shocking blue "love buzz" [at home]
    • urinals "black hole" [negative capability...check it out!]
    • uranium club "michael's soliloquy" [the cosmo cleaners]
    • idles "date night" [brutalism]
    • bench press "group anxiety" [bench press]
    • the peep tempel "carol" [tales]
    • METZ "M.E." [M.E.]
    • iceage "glassy eyed, dormant and veiled" [plowing into the field of love]
    • the garden "crystal clear" [haha]
    • sun city girls "blue mamba" [torch of the mystics]
    • prettiest eyes "bend" [prettiest eyes]
    • exhalants "ego death" [exhalants]
    • big black "the model" [songs about fucking]
    • mclusky "to hell with good intentions" [to hell with good intentions]
    • scratch acid "she said" [scratch acid EP]
    • drive like jeju "do you compute" [yank crime]
    • tropical fuck storm "you let my tyres down" [a luaghing death in meatspace]
    • pond "daisy" [tasmania]
    • ezra furman "in america" [twelve nudes]
    • modest mouse "all night diner" [building something out of nothing]
    • palace brothers "playthings" [there is no one what will take care of you]
    • silver jews "suffering jukebox" [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
    • smog "let's move to the country" [knock knock]
    • red house painters "katy song" [red house painters I]
    • kurt vile "he's alright" [childish prodigy]