Industrial Playground

DJ baseMetal

Thursday Midnight-2AM

Come out to play with your industrial music friends from the early 80s to present day. Experience Electronic, Beats, Pulses, Ambient, Noise, Experiments, Melodies and sometimes Comedy. Sources include digital, vinyl, and some reclaimed cassette tapes.

  • September 12, 2019

    Industrial Playground 09.12.2019

    • Actors "Bird in Hand" [It Will Come to You]
    • Front 242 "Operating Tracks" [Moments 1]
    • Kanga "Going Red" [Kanga]
    • OHMelectronic "Undone" [OHMelectronic]
    • Architect "St. Vodka (Mother Russia)" [The Analysis of Noise Trading]
    • TV HWY "The Sprawl" [Starship Interiors]
    • Psilonaut "Third from the Sun" [π - Music For The Motion Picture]
    • Wave Workers Foundation "In the Whirlpool" [In the Whirlpool]
    • How to Destroy Angels "A Drowning" [How to Destroy Angels]
    • Nine Inch Nails "Me, I'm Not" [Year Zero]
    • Sierra "Unbroken" [Gone]
    • Sapporo 72 "Betong Projekt #1" [Betong Projeckt #1 - Single]
    • Confines "Caleta" [ Geography of Nowhere 1]
    • Rhys Fulber "12 Steppes" [Ostalgia]
    • Miss Kitten & the Hacker "Indulgence" [Two]
    • Cryo "Sanitarium" [The Fall of Man]
    • Numb "When Gravity Fails" [Mortal Geometry]
    • Test Dept. "Landlord" [Disturbance]
    • Carter Tutti "Workout (2015) Version" [Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey]
    • Skinny Puppy "Grave Wisdom" [Too Dark Park]
    • Phil Western "Guys!" [Neuro-Plastique]
    • Amelia Arsenic "T.H.I.R.S.T.Y" [Carbon Black]
    • Cleen "Believe" [Designed Memories]
    • Techno Animal "Robosapien" [The Brotherhood Of The Bomb]