Foreign Accents


Friday 4PM-6PM

A two hour block for eclectic experimental, ambient, and just general mind-bending audio immersion. Dispatches from the experimental underground the world over. Modern classical and lo-fi outsider sounds together *because why not*. Newer stuff for the most part, but classic world music, soundtracks, electronic, and ambient are welcome, too.

  • March 15, 2019

    Substitute DJ: zen_hound

    • Graveyard "Low (I Wouldn't Mind)" [Peace]
    • Vendetta "Your Vote (is a hate crime)" [Your Vote (is a hate crime)]
    • Arteries "Numbered" [Arteries]
    • Couch Slut "Won't Come" [Contempt]
    • Rllrbll "Brazil Nut" [Brazil Nut]
    • The Social Stomach "Holy Mountain" [KY'TN]
    • Robots of the Ancient World "Holy Ghost" [Robots of the Ancient World]
    • Gilded Age "Death, Wolves Pray For Peace" [Ghost Lights]
    • Leafminer "New Safe Containment" [Midgrade Enjoyment]
    • Body Void "Fascist Cancer" [Your Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us]
    • The Black Queen "Spatial Boundaries" [Infinite Games]
    • Uniform "Transubstantiation" [The Long Walk]
    • Old Kingdom "Face To Face" [Old Kingdom II]
    • SRSQ "Cherish" [Unreality]
    • ils "No Luck" [Pain Don't Hurt]
    • Rigorous Institution "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace" [Demo]
    • SkullDozer "The Beekeeper" [Beekeeper]
    • Phantom High "Run" [Phantom High]
    • The Bellicose Minds "Destruct" [The Spine]
    • Wölflaut "Heatbringer" [Waiting for Ragnarök vol. 1]
    • Sea Moss "Lazing in the Garden" [Ugh]
    • Las Pulgas "Weird Times" [No Pasaran]
    • Avola "Shhh" [Zone]
    • Daniel Menche "Is She Electroplasm?" [House of Low Culture, Caustic Touch, Daniel Menche, EMS (Split)]
  • March 01, 2019


    • Talk Talk "Ascension Day" [Laughing Stock]
    • Talk Talk "I Believe In You - 1997 Remastered Version" [Spirit Of Eden]
    • .O.Rang "Little Sister" [Ambient 4: Isolationism]
    • Zelienople "Underneath" [Sleeper Coach]
    • Aphex Twin "Rhubarb" [Selected Ambient Works Volume II]
    • Bark Psychosis "Pendulum Man" [Hex]
    • Macha "When They First Saw the Floating World" [Macha]
    • Cul De Sac "Sakhalin" [China Gate]
    • Disco Inferno "It's A Kid's World" [The 5 EPs]
    • Talk Talk "It's My Life" [London 1986]
    • David Torn "3 Minutes Of Pure Entertainment" [Cloud About Mercury]
    • David Torn "Ok, Shorty" [Only Sky]
    • David Torn "I Could Almost See The Room" [Only Sky]
    • S.E.N.S. "A City of Sadness" [A City of Sadness]
  • February 15, 2019

    • Seahawks "Emergence" [Eyes of the Moon]
    • Low Motion Disco "Things are Gonna Get Easier" [Keep It Slow]
    • Double "The Captain of Her Heart" [Blue]
    • Seahawks "Calling Always" [Invisible Sunrise]
    • David Naegele "Dawning of the New Age Side A" [Dawning of the New Age]
    • Kyle Landstra "Love in a Mist" [Bloom Lake]
    • Woo "It's Cosy Inside" [It's Cosy Inside (Remastered)]
    • Two Hands - One Engine "Whirlwind" [Whirlwind]
    • Goldenrod "Genetic Drift" [No Man's Land]
    • Endurance "Toine" [We Can Now Sleep]
    • Avola "When it Reigns It Poors Series Part I, Electric Friendship on Solstice" [When it reigns it poors series part I, electric friendship on solstice]
  • February 01, 2019


    • 36 "Espers" [Fade to Grey]
    • 36 "Seconds & Forever, Pt. 2" [Seconds & Forever]
    • Leyland Kirby "And as I Sat Beside You I Felt the Great Sadness that Day" [Sadly the future is no longer what it was]
    • Svarte Greiner "Candle Light Dinner Actress" [Kappe]
    • Polonius "Hunter-Prowler (Tracking in Oskexis)" [Anaxia]
    • Valerio Tricoli "Interno d'Incendio" [Clonic Earth]
    • Black To Comm "Thrones" [Earth]
    • Black To Comm "The Courtesan Jigokudayū Sees Herself as a Skeleton in the Mirror of Hell" [Seven Horses For Seven Kings]
    • Black To Comm "Hotel Freund" [Alphabet 1968]
    • Celer "Delaying the Entropy; In Emptiness, Forms are Born" [Discourses of the Withered]