Femmes, POC & Queers to the Front!

DJ Going Places

Thursday 10PM-Midnight

Tune in to hear the latest in punk, post-punk, and experimental music created by femmes, P.O.C., and queer musicians.

  • April 04, 2019

    • The Selecter "Celebrate the Bullet" [Celebrate the Bullet]
    • Shopping "Suddenly Gone" [The Official Body]
    • Makthaverskan "No Mercy" [II]
    • Alien Boy "If We Don't Speak" [Sleeping Lessons]
    • Jenna and the Pups "Later, Lover." [The HIRS Collective / Jenna and the Pups Split]
    • Aye Nako "Half Dome" [Silver Haze]
    • Skinny Girl Diet "Lazy Eye" [Heavy Flow]
    • Floating Room "Acid Queen" [False Baptism]
    • Big Joanie "Baby Rust" [Crooked Room]
    • Black Belt Eagle Scout "Soft Stud" [Mother of My Children]
    • New Bloods "The Cycle Song" [The Secret Life]
    • Monarchy Over Monday "Plastic Friend" [I'll Talk to You]
    • Special Interest "Art Walk" [Spiraling]
    • The Breathing Light "Nothing at All" [Sky Burial]
    • Underpass "Your Silence" [Your Silence]
    • Cruz De Navajas "Esclavas" [Dominacion]
    • Light Asylum "Angel Tongue" [Light Asylum]
    • Lust Era "Eternal Eyes" [Pray You'll Never Know]
    • The Hirs Collective "Femme for Femme" [Coming out of the Coffin]
    • Tomar Control "Patria muerta" [Nunca más callar]
    • Exit Order "Seed of Hysteria" [Seed of Hysteria]
    • Amygdala "I Hate to Say It" [I Hate to Say It]
    • G.L.O.S.S. "Masculine Artifice" [Demo 2015]
    • Eteraz "track 1" [Evil Hardcore]
    • Gouge Away "Uproar" [, Dies]
    • Krimewatch "Intruder" [Krimewatch]
    • Night Witch "Riding a Bike" [Who's Next]
    • Soul Glo "Untitled 3" [Untitled LP]
    • Lotic "Hunted" [Power]
    • Shygirl "Gush" [Cruel Practice]
    • Lana Del Rabies "Ghost" [Shadow World]
    • Pan Daijing "Act Of The Empress" [Lack]