The Ear Alone


Monday 2AM-4AM

the ear alone
the aquarium at midnite
basilica & silt
mesh & crushed velvet
a crumbling infrastructure
a hinterland of the possible
stealing from New Seasons
and getting away
the fluorescent dirge
the imperfect produce
the cut flower song
plucked from the valley

  • June 03, 2019

    Never Say Goodbye

    • Sandra "In The Heat Of The Night" [The Long Play]
    • Ministry "Dream Song" [The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste]
    • Roky Erickson "I Walked with a Zombie" [The Evil One]
    • Beat Happening "Godsend" [You Turn Me On]
    • Flamin' Groovies "Lonely Hearts" [Fantastic Plastic]
    • Brian Wilson "Your Imagination" [Imagination]
    • Peter Ivers "Miraculous Weekend" [Nirvana Peter]
    • Saâda Bonaire "You Could Be More As You Are - 1982 Version" [Saâda Bonaire]
    • John Bender "39a5 Something" [Plaster Falling]
    • Algebra Suicide "Little Dead Bodies" [The Secret Like Crazy]
    • Pete Brown "Party in the Rain" [Party in the Rain]
    • Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons "The Night" [The Motown Years]
    • The Kinks "Lavender Hill - Mono Mix" [Picture Book]
    • Roky Erickson "Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)" [The Evil One]
    • Bobby Goldsborough "Funny Little Clown" [n/a]
    • Johnny Barfield & The Men Of S.O.U.L "Mr. Starlight " [7" Single ]
    • Roky Erickson "I Have Always Been Here Before" [Gremlins Have Pictures]
    • Sparks "Forever Young" [Introducing]
    • Roky Erickson "Wait for You - Live" [Halloween Live 1979-81]
    • Brian Eno "Crime In The Desert" [Wrong Way Up]
    • Roky Erickson "Bermuda" [Don't Slander Me]
    • Terry Reid "Seeds of Memory " [Seeds of Memory ]
    • Chris Bell "I Am The Cosmos - Single Version" [I Am The Cosmos]
    • Neil Young "Winterlong - Live" [Live At The Fillmore East]
    • Roky Erickson "I Love The Living You " [Never Say Goodbye ]
  • May 20, 2019

    The Angel At The Western Gate

    • Peggy Lipton "Wear Your Love Like Heaven " [Wear Your Love Like Heaven ]
    • Spacemen 3 "Rollercoaster" [Sound of Confusion]
    • Spectrum "Lonely Avenue " [Sonic Boom]
    • The Poppy Family "There's No Blood In Bone" [A Good Thing Lost: 1968-1973]
    • Chapterhouse "Confusion Trip" [Blood Music]
    • The Dogs "Secret Life" [ Walking Shadows]
    • Circus Mort "Swallow You" [ Circus Mort ]
    • Ikon "In A Lonely Place" [The Burden Of History - The Singles 1992-2007]
    • Bill Nelson "The Angel At The Western Gate " [Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights]
    • David Lynch "Cold Wind Blowin'" [The Big Dream ]
    • Tess Parks "Life Is but a Dream" [Blood Hot]
    • Milk Music "I've Got a Wild Feeling" [Cruise Your Illusion]
    • Nina Simone "Poppies - Remastered" [Emergency Ward]
    • Gil Scott-Heron "Home Is Where the Hatred Is" [Pieces Of A Man]
    • Dwight Twilley Band "Looking For The Magic" [Twilley Don't Mind]
    • Pauline Anna Strom "Morning Splendor" [Trans-Millenia Music]
    • Roky Erickson "I Have Always Been Here Before" [Gremlins Have Pictures]
    • Swamp Dogg "Synthetic World" [Total Destruction To Your Mind (Remastered)]
    • Mila Mar "A Song For Me " [Elfensex]
    • Helios Creed "Exodus " [Activated Condition ]
    • Juicy Lucy "Just One Time" [Who Do You Love - The Anthology]
    • Bill Frisell "Unsung Heroes" [Where In The World?]
    • Bettye Crutcher "Sleepy People" [Long As You Love Me]
    • Dead Skeletons "Dead Mantra" [Dead Mantra]
    • Brian Eno "Third Uncle - 2004 Digital Remaster" [Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)]
    • The Dubs "Chapel of Dreams" [Rmg's Top Doo-Wop Cloud Hits Volume 1]
  • May 13, 2019

    Dream Always

    • Black Tape For A Blue Girl "Blood On The Snow I" [Blood On The Snow]
    • Black Sun Dreamer "Comfort" [ Post​-​Traumatic Stress Disorder]
    • Mort Garson "The Evil Eye " [Black Mass/Lucifer]
    • Felicia Atkinson "ME" [Comme Un Seul Narcisse]
    • Carla dal Forno "We Shouldn't Have To Wait" [The Garden]
    • From Nursery To Misery "Desire" [Pixies in the Woods]
    • Blind Seagull "Connections " [Pressure]
    • Richard Pinhas "Indicatif Radio" [Iceland]
    • Beta Boys "Red Devil" [Late Nite Acts]
    • Sebadoh "Sickles And Hammers" [III]
    • Beau Wanzer "I Don't Even Want To" [Untitled]
    • Front 242 "Work 242 N.Off is N.Off" [FRONT BY FRONT]
    • Fear of God "Drift" [Within The Veil]
    • Coil "Solar Lodge" [Пособие для кончающих: Волос Злата]
    • Brain Distortion "Off The Line" [n/a]
    • Vendetta "Hex " [n/a]
    • This Kind Of Punishment "Two Minutes Drowning" [This Kind of Punishment]
    • Algebra Suicide "An Explanation for That Flock of Crows" [Feminine Squared]
    • Urochromes "Night Bully - Boy Harsher Alternate Remix" [Night Bully]
    • Batz Without Flesh "Dirt" [n/a]
    • Physical Wash "Way Down" [Physical Death ]
    • Ministry "So What" [The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste]
    • Lydia Lunch "Suicide Ocean" [Widowspeak ]
    • Rowland S. Howard "Nothin'" [Teenage Snuff Film ]
    • The Gun Club "Mother of Earth" [Miami]
    • The Smiths "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - 2011 Remaster" [Strangeways, Here We Come]
    • The Birthday Party "Wild World" [Hits]
    • Filmmaker "The Love Market" [The Love Market]
  • April 29, 2019

    • Magnetizer "I'm Wormhole" [Post-Body]
    • Chrome "The Danger Zone " [Inworlds]
    • Screamers "122 Hours Fear(Live At the Target)" [Hardcore Vo. 3]
    • Coil "Blood from the Air" [Horse Rotorvator]
    • Testpattern "Ocean Liner " [ Après-Midi]
    • Kimiko Kasai "Tell Me a Bedtime Story" [Butterfly]
    • Robert Wyatt "At Last I Am Free" [Nothing Can Stop Us]
    • Linda Di Franco "Stay " [ Rise Of The Heart]
    • Pop Rocks "Wizardry" [Purple Jelly (EP)]
    • Patrick Cowley "Jungle Orchids" [Afternooners]
    • Boy Harsher "Tears" [Careful]
    • Scribble "It's Blue" [Scribble]
    • Cube "Word Church" [Decoy Street]
    • Les Rallizes Dénudés "Night, Night Of The Assassins - 1980.11.07" [Great White Wonder]
  • April 22, 2019

    Flower Fugue State

    Substitute DJ: Your Mom

    • The Body "A Body" [All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood]
    • Swans "Children Of God" [Children of God/World of Skin]
    • This Mortal Coil "Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust (remastered)" [Dust & Guitars]
    • Sisters of Mercy "Amphetamine Logic" [First and Last and Always Collection]
    • Blu Anxxiety "Baptized In Space" [Baptized In Space]
    • Saâda Bonaire "You Could Be More As You Are - 1982 Version" [Saâda Bonaire]
    • Pink Industry "What I Wouldn't Give - Mix 1995" [New Naked Technology 2010 Remasters]
    • The Chameleons "Less Than Human" [Script of the Bridge (Remastered)]
    • Cosey Fanni Tutti "Ritual Awakening" [Time To Tell]
    • Russian Tsarlag "Become Solid" [Gagged In Booneville ]
    • Scott Walker "Angels Of Ashes" [Scott 4]
    • Mark Renner "Half a Heart" [Few Traces]
    • Gram Parsons "In My Hour of Darkness - Remaster" [Grievous Angel]
    • Octavia Butler "God Is Change " [n/a]
    • Lou Reed "Heroin" [Le Bataclan, Paris, 1972]
    • Oppenheimer Analysis "New Mexico" [New Mexico]
    • Severed Heads "We Have Come to Bless the House" [City Slab Horror]
    • The Space Lady "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" [The Space Lady's Greatest Hits]
    • Chris And Cosey "Silent Cry" [Tchno Primitiv]
    • Frank O'Hara "Ode To Joy" [n/a]
    • Nico "Afraid" [Desertshore]
  • April 19, 2019

    • April 15, 2019

      What A Wonderful World

      • Wilburn Burchette "Fire Spell" [Guitar Grimoire ]
      • Bill Hurst "Hypnotized " [Ice Cold Calculations ]
      • Rolf Trostel "Hope Is The Answer " [Two Faces]
      • Boy Harsher "Tears" [Careful]
      • Throbbing Gristle "Something Came Over Me" [The Taste of TG (A Beginner's Guide to the Music of Throbbing Gristle)]
      • Terror Cell Unit "I Point The Finger At You " [Fear God/Hate Man ]
      • The Body "To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me" [I Shall Die Here]
      • Puce Mary "The Spiral" [The Spiral]
      • Leonard Cohen "Avalanche" [Songs Of Love And Hate]
      • D.R. Hooker "Forge Your Own Chains" [The Truth]
      • Elaine Kibaro "Secret" [ ‎Pour L'Amour]
      • Ulisses Rocha "Luz de Vagalume" [ Casamata ]
      • CAN "Sing Swan Song - 2004 Remastered Version" [Ege Bamyasi (Remastered Version)]
      • The Rolling Stones "Shattered - Remastered" [Some Girls]
      • ALL NIGHT WORKERS "Why Don't You Smile?" [ Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket / Why Don't You Smile ]
      • Psychic TV "Stolen Kisses" [Force the Hand of Chance (Expanded Edition)]
      • O$VMV$M "Shook" [O$VMV$M]
      • Big Star "Nightime" [Third]
      • Nick Cave "What A Wonderful World " [n/a]
      • Ray Lynch "Falling In The Garden / Ray Lynch" [Deep Breakfast]
      • Lucinda Williams "Fruits Of My Labor" [World Without Tears]
      • Nina Simone "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" [To Love Somebody (Expanded Edition)]
      • Brian Eno "Spinning Away" [Wrong Way Up]
    • April 08, 2019

      Star Blood

      • Rebekah del Rio "Llorando" [n/a]
      • Type O Negative "Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)" [October Rust [Special Edition]]
      • Nine Inch Nails "A Warm Place" [The Downward Spiral]
      • Boy Harsher "Yr Body Is Nothing" [Yr Body Is Nothing]
      • Ministry "We Believe" [Twitch]
      • A.D.D.M. "Resist" [End The Hate Of Love]
      • Moby "When It's Cold I'd Like to Die" [Everything Is Wrong]
      • Cube "It's Always Summer" [Decoy Street]
      • Cube "Persona (Version)" [Decoy Street]
      • Cube "Sanctuary" [Decoy Street]
      • Mortiis "World Essence" [The Stargate]
      • Bernard Herman "Identity" [n/a]
      • Gil Scott-Heron "Me And The Devil" [I’m New Here]
      • Bardo Pond "Tommy Gun Angel" [Lapsed]
      • Them Are Us Too "Angelene" [Amends]
      • U.S. Girls "Prove It All Night" [Introducing]
      • Mansion "The Third " [Early Life ]
      • Cranes "Starblood" [Wings Of Joy (Expanded Edition)]
      • L.O.T.I.O.N "Nation On Fire" [Campaign of Digital Destruction ]
      • Conditions "Waves of Fear " [Fight Nothingness ]
      • Prison Library "Prison Life " [Live @ The Hive ]
      • Carola Baer "Golden Boy " [The Story of Valerie ]
      • Spectrum "True Love Will Find You in the End" [Their Sympathetic Majesties Request]
      • The Waterboys "The Whole of the Moon - 2004 Remaster" [This Is the Sea (Deluxe Version)]
    • April 01, 2019

      Shadows Pay A Visit

      • Deux Filles "The City Sleeps - Remastered" [Silence & Wisdom (Remastered)]
      • Super Heroines "Boneyard Sky" [Souls That Save]
      • Plasmatics "The Damned" [Coup D'Etat (Caroline Reissue)]
      • John Carpenter "Escape from New York" [Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998]
      • The Teardrop Explodes "Second Head" [Kilimanjaro]
      • Minimal Man "Shadows Pay a Visit" [Safari]
      • the wedding present "going nowhere fast"
      • Urochromes "I Don't Wanna Be Like Me" [EP]
      • Peter Jefferies "Electricity " [Electricity ]
      • Psychic Tv "Radium" [Live In Heaven ]
      • Nasty Dilemma "Atop A Crumbling Mount " [1 Big Hit And 3 Small Hits ]
      • The Chameleons "View from a Hill" [Script of the Bridge (Remastered)]
      • Vox Populi "Gole Mariam" [Half Dead Ganja Music]
      • Coil "Heaven's Blade" [The Ape Of Naples]
      • Yves Tumor "The Feeling When You Walk Away" [Serpent Music]
      • Just The Right Height "I Remember Being Beautiful " [Let Forever Be Only You Tonight ]
      • Michele Mercure "Beside Myself" [Beside Herself]
      • Anne Clark "Sleeper In Metropolis" [Changing Places]
      • Suse Millemann "Patterns" [Patterns]
      • Grateful Dead "Rosemary"
      • The Durutti Column "Love No More " [Vini Reilly ]
      • Rowland S. Howard "Silver Chain " [Teenage Snuff Film ]
      • Rowland S. Howard "Lost in Space "
      • Roxy Music "Ladytron" [Roxy Music (Remastered)]
      • Pylon "Feast On My Heart "
      • Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons "Liberty" [Killed By Deathrock Vol.1]
      • Scott Walker "We Came Through" [Scott 3]