The Chiasm

Leo Daedalus

Thursday 2PM-4PM

The Chiasm pitches the playlist as self-generating contradiction. We're finding, or forging, connections in the unlikeliest, or outright impossible, places — musically, conceptually, however turns you on. DJ Daedalus spins tracks as riddles, layering them into interviews with musicians, artists, and thinky miscreants. WTF does that all mean? Don’t worry about it: it’s a wild dose of aural wasabi that will clear your mental sinuses. In case your mom asks, The Chiasm is named after a concept from French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty. It’s too fancy for prime time, but it has to do with reconciling dualities and bridging gaps, with the reversibility of reaching out and being reached. Now just sit back and savor the smoothly incomprehensible stylings of The Chiasm.