The Celestial Power Variety Hour

DJ Sam Hamwich & DJ Malita Fajita

Sunday 6AM-8AM

Channelling the constellations through the humanoids' air waves. A Compilation of dream-pop, experimental music, astrological updates, extraterrestrial news blurbs and a sprinkling of poetry.

  • May 01, 2020

    • Mark Fry "Song for Wilde" [Dreaming with Alice]
    • papercranes "Greed" [Three]
    • Arthur Russell "That's Us/Wild Combination" [Calling Out Of Context]
    • Heymun "Last Goodbye" [Last Goodbye]
    • Les Filles de Illighadad "Imigradan" [Eghass Malan]
    • Jenny Hval "Lions (feat. Vivian Wang)" [The Practice of Love]
    • Grand Blanc "Ailleurs, Pt. 1" [Image au mur]
    • Susumu Yokota "Sleepy Eye" [Grinning Cat]
    • Lush "I Have The Moon" [Topolino]
    • Mega Bog "Dolphine" [Dolphine]
    • Lomelda "Interstate Vision" [Thx]
    • Dear Nora "Living Song" [Mountain Rock]
    • Dan Deacon "When I Was Done Dying" [Gliss Riffer]
    • Sweet Trip "Milk" [You Will Never Know Why]
    • The Wake "Melancholy Man" [Here Comes Everybody + Singles]
    • Carly Barton "Cave World" [Sounds from the Periphery]
  • March 01, 2020

    olive boy

    • Moodo├»d "Le lac d'or" [Le lac d'or - Single]
    • Reptaliens "Olive Boy" [Prequel / Olive Boy]
    • Hatchie "Sure" [Sure]
    • Aphex Twin "Alberto Balsalm" [...I Care Because You Do]
    • The Memories "Dancing in My Dreams" [Home Style]
    • The Radio Dept. "Strange Things Will Happen" [Lesser Matters]
    • Cranes "Reverie" [Loved]
    • Black Belt Eagle Scout "Sam, A Dream" [Mother of My Children]
    • Crystal Quartez "Helix" [Causal Loop]
    • Tough Boy "Always" [Always]
    • Kikagaku Moyo "Can You Imagine Nothing?" [Kikagaku Moyo]
    • Deerhunter "Vox Humana" [Weird Era Cont]
    • Croatian Amor "LA Hills Burn At The Peak Of Winter" [The World]
    • Grimes "Nightmusic" [Visions]
    • Dolphin Midwives "Grass Grow - Patricia Wolf Remix" [Grass Grow]
    • Cranes "Beautiful Friend" [Loved]
    • Connan Mockasin "Megumi The Milkyway Above" [Forever Dolphin Love]
    • Lala Lala "Siren 042" [Siren 042]
    • David Bowie "Warszawa - 2017 Remaster" [Low (2017 Remastered Version)]
    • David Bowie "Moss Garden - 2017 Remaster" ["Heroes" (2017 Remastered Version)]
    • Caribou "Sun" [Swim]
    • Toro y Moi "You Hid" [Causers Of This]
    • TOPS "Way to be Loved" [Picture You Staring]
    • John Maus "The Combine" [Screen Memories]
    • Fishmans "Uknown" [Uknown]