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Tuesday 10PM-Midnight

They'll say we're in bad taste... but only in fear of what we have to prove! Bad Taste Radio raises the flag high, for artists far and near. Hosted by two local Portland filmmakers/musicians, BTR features in depth discussions on film and music with a focus on the independents. We keep our listeners informed on how they can get involved, find new content, and create their own from a variety of on-air guest interviews. Listeners can also watch highlights of our show or related films of the show at the Bad Taste Video YouTube channel. Keep it in bad taste!

  • January 07, 2020

    • Ben Folds "Rockin' the Suburbs - 'Over the Hedge' Version" [Over the Hedge-Music from the Motion Picture]
    • Nirvana "Scentless Apprentice" [In Utero]
    • Claudio Simonetti "Tenebre - Originale" [Tenebre]
    • Mr Twin Sister "Echo Arms" [Power of Two / Echo Arms]
    • Kali Uchis "Solita" [Solita]
    • Meat Puppets "Aurora Borealis" [II]
    • DEVO "Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA" [Duty Now For The Future]
    • Talking Heads "Found a Job" [More Songs About Buildings and Food]
    • Sand "Easy to Forget" [Head in the Sand]
    • Jimmy Buffett "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don't Love Jesus" [Havana Daydreamin']
    • Paul McCartney "Coming Up " [McCartney II]
    • Sly & The Family Stone "Sheer Energy" [Back On The Right Track]
    • Wall of Voodoo "Back In Flesh" [Urgh! A Music War]
    • John Carpenter "In the Mouth of Madness" [Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998]
    • John Carpenter "Assault on Precinct 13" [Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998]
    • C418 "Sweden" [Minecraft - Volume Alpha]
    • Surf Punks "People's Court" [Oh No! Not Them Again]
    • Death Grips "The Fear" [Year Of The Snitch]
    • Ty Segall "Melted" [Melted]
    • Ty Segall "Mike D's Coke" [Melted]
    • 100 gecs "745 sticky" [1000 gecs]
    • Ween "Flutes of Chi" [White Pepper]
    • The Specials "Do Nothing" [The Best of the Specials]
    • David Peel and The Lower East Side "I Like Marijuana" [And The Rest Is History: The Elektra Recordings]
    • Meat Puppets "Hot Pink" [Up on the Sun]