Back on Track

DJ ReTurn

Tuesday Noon-2PM

"Back On Track" with DJ ReTurn takes you on a journey to explore the sound of music. When exploring sounds they likes to stitch songs together much like their patches to a vest. Be it Electronic, or cultural like Pom Pom Pom and Dengue Dengue Dengue, or a themed show of rock songs about the rain, DJ ReTurn always finds a theme that will get the groove going for you.

Taking lots of influence from their younger days of going to crazy All-Night bicycle rides and eventually raves in Los Angeles, DJ Return grew up listening to Rock as a youngling. Moving to Los Angeles from Arkansas/Louisiana gave them more access to Hip-Hop and Rap, and then the bike rides gave way to the party music. At raves they would eventually be influenced to explore DJing. Practicing with their friend DJ Slim Rat on their CDJs and doing back to backs, as well as on a CDJ App Software, they have explored many genres and continue to try and find new ways of expressing themselves through music. 

- Jude Cundiff

Playing from Noon-2 pm, every other Tuesday, on Freeform.

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