Portland Show Calendar: December 19 – 24

Hi! zen_hound is back with a very short Portland show guide. This is the week leading up to Christmas, so naturally things have slowed down a bit. But live music is still happening, so click around and listen to a few of these groups to determine if you anything here could liven up your holiday experience!

Monday 12/19

Ray Ottoboni, Izy Kactus, Human Making Sounds

Turn! Turn! Turn! (8 NE Killingsworth St)

for fans of: americana, folk, alt-country, indie rock, psychedelic rock

Tuesday 12/20

Moonstone Snakes, Death Medicine, Obelisk

No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

for fans of: melodic metal, death metal

Wednesday 12/21

Saoirse Dream, EXCITING!!EXCELLENT!!, Sammi Lanzetta, The Moon Caravan (acoustic set)

Kelly’s Olympian (426 SW Washington St)

for fans of: indie pop, bedroom pop, alt pop, hyperpop, chiptune, emo, alternative rock, indie rock

Glasghote, Worms, Truuz

The Lollipop Shoppe (736 SE Grand Ave)

for fans of: doom metal, sludge metal, hardcore punk, grindcore, thrash

Thursday 12/22

Sunset The Machine, Cobra Thief, Nyxora, LáGoon

Dante’s (350 W Burnside St)

for fans of: heavy metal, desert rock, space rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, garage rock, doom metal, goth rock

Woogie, Phone Voice

Kelly’s Olympian (426 SW Washington St)

for fans of: bedroom pop, indie pop, alt pop, lo-fi

Friday 12/23

The Last Responders, The Dumpies, Uvula

No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

for fans of: punk rock, street punk, Oi!, garage punk

Fox Medicine, Dog Lord, It&I

The Six Below Midnight (3341 SE Belmont St)

for fans of: bubblegum doom, grunge, noise rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, alternative folk, carnivalesque

Saturday 12/24

Supercrash, Polar Ghost Town, Salamonca

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

for fans of: I honestly don’t know because I couldn’t find any of them on bandcamp. But the featured band photo has them wearing all denim, so, maybe hard rock or whatever, but The Fixin’ To is a solid place to see a show no matter what.

That’s it! See you again after the holiday. Keep Portland Feared!

  • dj zen_hound, Host of WHOA THIS IS HEAVY, airing on Freeform Portland community radio every Friday 2-4pm