Portland Show Calendar: November 14 – 20

Hail, comrades. I’m dj zen_hound, and here’s another week’s worth of Portland shows worth your consideration. I say it a lot, but I’ll say it again, because saying something again and again doesn’t make it less true: this week, there’s something for everyone!

Click on the band names for bandcamp links, and the venue names for further event information such as ticketing, showtimes, and age restrictions.

Monday 11/14

Pearl Earl, Egg Drop Soup, Sawtooth

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

garage rock, pop rock, punk rock, indie rock, folk rock

Physical Wash, Blaq Hammer, Ex-Heir

Shanghai Tunnel (211 SW Ankeny St)

industrial, electronic body music, coldwave, darkwave, rap, punk, experimental

Wednesday 11/16

The Mystery Lights, Rosey Dust

Bunk Bar (1028 SE Water Ave)

garage rock, psych rock, punk rock, dream pop, alternative rock

Neal Morgan, Roman Norfleet, Old Grape God, Nochmal

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

drum and voice, spoken word, free jazz, experimental, improvisation, art rap, underground hip hop

All Souls, Githyanki, Law Boss

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

desert rock, heavy rock, stoner rock, grunge, math rock, noise rock

Thursday 11/17

Bewitcher, Wormwitch, Oxygen Destroyer

Dante’s (350 W Burnside St)

speed metal, thrash metal, d-beat, black metal, death metal,

The Mistons, Lenguas Largas, Letras

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

punk rock, rock’n’roll, psychedelic rock, indie rock, norteño

Rare Forms, Sleeping Beauties, Family Worship Center

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

punk rock, garage rock, indie rock, classic rock, country rock

Friday 11/18

Crowey, Sammy Fielding, Scott Hawkins, Shifting Harbor

Azoth (NE 87th and NE Sandy)

psychedelic folk, experimental, new age, drone, ambient, throat singing

Masonique, We Are Parasols, Lucia Luna (Songs From Under The Floorboard Showcase)

Black Water Bar (835 NE Broadway)

art rock, post-punk, synth rock, krautrock, synthpop, darkwave, goth pop, techno, synthwave

for all the emptiness, Matt Hart

The Coffin Club (421 SE Grand Ave)

electronic body music, industrial, darkwave, synthpop

Death Ridge Boys, Old City, Visions

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

post-punk, goth rock, anarcho-punk, crust punk, hardcore punk

-(16)-, Doc Hammer, Universal Monster

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

hardcore punk, sludge metal, stoner metal, heavy rock, doom metal, punk rock

Bastard Salt, Plume, Artifacts Of Fiction

Misdemeanor Meadows (6920 SE 52nd Ave)

hardcore punk, post-punk, alternative rock, noise rock, post-hardcore

Humungo, Spectrum/Static, Sorcery Of The Rabbit

No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

psych rock, stoner rock, garage rock, noise rock, punk rock, indie rock, post-punk

Time Rift, Stainless, Deadfeather

The Six Below Midnight (3341 SE Belmont St)

heavy rock, hard rock, heavy metal

The Vardaman Ensemble, Lo Glo, Otolithia, Translucent Spiders

Turn! Turn! Turn! (8 NE Killingsworth St)

experimental rock, progressive rock, ambient electronic, world music, new age, avant-garde, audio collage

Warm Static, Say.So, Elaina 

Zer0 Wave (720 N Killingsworth St)

experimental, improvisation, drone, meditation, ritual

Saturday 11/19

J. Graves (album release), Reb & The Good News

Doug Fir Lounge (830 E Burnside St)

indie rock, post-punk, dance punk, singer-songwriter, jazz, folk, roots

DMN, Infinitefreefall, Brother vs Robot

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

indie pop, synthpop, electropop, chillwave, trip hop, dream pop

Funeral Chant, Spirit Possession, Diabolic Oath

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

death metal, black metal, thrash metal

The Dead Dives, Girl Drink Drunks

Misdemeanor Meadows (6920 SE 52nd Ave)

noise rock, post-punk, new wave, no wave, pop punk, garage rock, garage punk, psych punk

The Social Stomach, Grex, Twans

No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

spoken word, punk rock, noise punk, noise rock, experimental rock, art rock, avant-garde, jazz, ambient rock

Kinghorn, Museum Of Light, Has/Will

Shanghai Tunnel (211 SW Ankeny St)

punk rock, post-punk, post-rock, post-hardcore, doom, noise rock, heavy rock

Sunday 11/20

New Injuries, Kill Michael, Luna Negra

Black Water Bar (835 NE Broadway)

goth rock, pop rock, hard rock, grunge, hip hop, trip hop, electronic

Usnea, Re-Buried, Rank and Vile

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

black metal, death metal, doom metal, sludge metal, grindcore, powerviolence, deathgrind

Havania Whaal (music video release & art installation), Lo-Fives, Pool Boys, DJ Heathers

Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St)

punk rock, pop punk, noise punk, dream pop, indie rock, garage rock, garage punk

Until next time… Keep Portland Feared!

  • dj zen_hound, host of WHOA THIS IS HEAVY, airing Fridays at 2pm on Freeform Portland community radio