Songs You Should Know – New Age

Curated by Joshua Justice

If you’ve listened to my show, Static + Distance, then you may find some of these selections a bit odd. I generally play a lot of folk, soul, jazz… that sorta thing. However, lately I’ve been finding a lot of refuge in new age music and incorporating more ambient music and field recordings into the show. For this edition of “Songs You Should Know” I decided to make a playlist of my favorite tracks from the genre.

The allure of wave sounds and synthesizer bliss aside, the artwork on some of these albums is worth the price of admission all on it’s own. I recommend you listen to this on headphones on a breezy summer day or while lying in your bed with your cat for maximum effect. I also suggest you check out the full albums if you enjoy the songs you hear in this playlist. Many of the albums are designed as a cohesive listen, but, well… it’s songs you should know, not albums you should know.


Robert Martin – “Great Peace by the Lake”

David Casper – “Crystal Waves I”

Joanna Brouk – Golden Cloud Layers”

Constance Demby – “The Dawning”

Barry Cleveland – “Stones of Precious Water”

Aziz & Friends – “Wave 4”

Georgia Kelly – “Nilapadma”

Upper Astral – “Crystal Cave (Back To Atlantis)”

Gabriel Lee – Heavenly Moon*

*I couldn’t find individual tracks for this one, so enjoy the whole Heavenly Moon album!