Songs You Should Know – 16GAY

Curated by St. J0NES

For Pride season I made a compilation of queer artists & songs that turn up.

To me, Pride is worth celebrating when we honor the queens that came before us, when “coming out” meant coming out to the underground masquerade at a time drag was illegal, the millions of people who died from AIDS & the history of ACT UP activism, recognizing BIPOC, & LGBTQAI+ intersectionality, people of different traditions, & family systems that may make visibility more complex, to the queer youth who lose their homes, intersex rights to bodily autonomy, & the resilience of the community that hosts a spirit that keeps on thriving.

It is most important to know Pride began as a retaliation to police brutality, & activists Sylvia Rivera, & Marsha P Johnson were houseless trans-women of color who are largely responsible for the birth of the movement.

I host a show called Matriarch that airs e/o Tues at 6p dedicated to feminist, & queer-centric music. Happy Pride! xo – Shannon Jones [St. J0NES]