Songs You Should Know – Green Spring

Curated by Lizard King & altNUM3

Lizard King:

My side of the playlist is a little bit all over the place. It starts out with ‘Soylent Green’ by Wumpscut, which is inspired by the 1973 film set in 2022 based on a rations corporation making meat products from dead bodies. Is this what we have to look forward to this year? Let’s hope not!
Then we go into a classic by Björk, ‘Earth Intruders’, which was written based on a dream she had on a flight. Many people, including myself, interpret this song as being about humans destroying the planet we call home.

‘Bed’s are Burning’ remains the only song by Midnight Oil that I’ve heard, but it’s one I often think about and always sing along to. It’s about the Australian government’s mistreatment of the indigenous peoples and their land. It was kind of a wake-up call to me when I first heard it that this mistreatment is happening all over the world.

‘Grandma’s Money’ by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER can be considered a millennial anthem. Greedy older generations hoarding all the money, leaving us with no means to achieve our dreams. Kind of sad to think about, but most of the music I listen to is.

Moving on to more light-hearted music, ‘Cemetry Gates’ by The Smiths always reminds me that cemeteries were once a peaceful place to hold picnics. I love to imagine sitting on a blanket among the graves, having a lovely picnic on a nice sunny day with a friend.

Probably my favourite song from Florence and the Machine, ‘Rabbit Heart’ has a beautiful music video that evokes the urge in me to go running barefoot into the forest. The visuals are warm and bright, matching the whimsical music, but also layered in illusion to match the darker themed lyrics of demand and sacrifice.

I chose Orchid Bloom by Lemonade because it was the only Earthly title off my favourite album of theirs, Minus Tide. They’re always a go-to listen for when the sun is out. The dance rhythm and upbeat synth of this song makes me feel like I should be part of a road trip montage with my friends.
Hibou is another go-to listen of mine on bright spring days- often paired with Lemonade. The two songs I chose of theirs remind me of spring. I imagine people in long, sheer dresses with flower crowns, running and dancing through a field of dandelions and wildflowers when I listen to ‘In the Sun’. I interpret ‘When the Season Ends’ as a song of change and growth, much like the season of spring.

I finish off my part of the playlist with a Tears For Fears song titled ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’, just to remind everyone to be kind to each other and that there is love in the world. An appropriate contrast, I think, to how this playlist started.


These are some songs that always make me feel happy, and that things are looking up~ They’re also great songs for a peaceful stroll through a beautifully blooming spring garden.

Teen Daze strikes a beautiful balance between melancholy and hopefulness that I’m just all about.

Telefon Tel Aviv, Jake Bowen, and Detach’i all have a rather similar style that just always makes me feel good.

This track from Henry Green has a nice spring pop vibe. Green is also a part of a project called Corre, and their music makes me cry, but we’re not here to talk about that.

This song from something6 has that drum beat that just gets me every time, and the vintage synth sounds always bring me joy.

Noble Oak is on here for the same reasons Teen Daze is. Some great hopeful yet somewhat melancholic tones.

Robotprins – much like most chiptune, just always brings the biggest smile to my face. Makes me feel refreshed and excited for the future. I just love chiptune so much ❤ so I had to add it :3

Thanks for checking out our playlist!

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