Know Your DJ – Sharky Blue

DJ Name: Sharky Blue
Freeform Show Name: Davy Jones’ Locker
Freeform Day/Time of Show: Saturdays 10:00pm – 12:00am
Interview by: Beanie

Beanie: What’s the premise for Davy Jones’ Locker and what do you hope to communicate to the listener?

Sharky Blue: My show is very eclectic and fitting with the spirit of the station. My cohost (Davy Jones) and I both collect a lot of records, so every week we bring in a bag of some of our favorite albums and wing the playlist on the spot. We don’t have a set genre for our show, we’ll play whatever we’re in the mood for in the moment. Our very first shows were pretty planned in advance, but after a while it made more sense to just find out what the other cohost brought when we get to the station and play off each other that way. We try not to take it too seriously and just have fun on the radio. We often bring on some of our friends as informal cohosts and like to have a party atmosphere when we’re on air. I think part of what’s great about freeform is that there’s very little barrier to entry, especially related to age. Out of the 20 or so guests we’ve had on the show, only 3 have been over 21. In a town where it seems like you can’t do anything while you’re under 21, it’s amazing to have this opportunity open to us. 

Beanie: What’s the most interesting record that’s been added to your collection this year?

Sharky Blue: I just got the repressing of Satori by Flower Travellin Band. This is a Japanese psych rock band that formed around the early 70s, and it’s probably some of the heaviest stuff from around that time outside of Black Sabbath. This album rocks and should definitely be brought up more when talking about the early history of metal. 

Beanie: How did you first hear about Freeform and what influenced you to get involved?

Sharky Blue: 
I was scrolling thru facebook one day and came across an ad for a radio station looking for new DJs without any experience needed. I immediately filled out the form. I’d say that this is the only good sponsored ad I’ve ever gotten on facebook. The radio has always been an important aspect of my life, and radio DJ has been top on career goals for a while as well. The first time I actively listened to music outside of what my parents listen to was when I discovered the oldies and classic rock station on a clock radio I got for Christmas in third grade. I think the first time I ever thought “I wanna be a DJ” was when I heard my friend’s dad’s show on KPSU when I was in high school, and was introduced to all this garage rock, punk and power pop that I’d never heard before. I think the radio has a power to change someone’s life that’s really important, especially when it’s put back in the hands of the people like on freeform. 

Beanie: You’ve probably put more time into covering shifts and holes on the air than any other DJ at the station; Firstly, we are all amazing and eternally grateful for you; Secondly, how do you like to mix things up when you’re on air for a 6 hour shift?

Sharky Blue: In short, we get weird. Last cycle, we took over another empty slot and started a second show, Treasure Huntin. Essentially, this was meme radio. It was two hours every other week where we let go of all pretense and just did weird stuff. We’d play around with the speeds of our records, play the same record at the same time, scratch the records and play dumb videos on the internet. Playing around and not taking things seriously is how we like to mix things up and make the hours go by fast. But really, I’m just so blessed to be on the radio that I like to take advantage of it as much as I can. I’m having so much fun that it hardly ever feels like a job. 

Beanie: What do you like to do when you’re not covering shifts?

Sharky Blue: My main thing I do when I’m not at the station is watch and make movies. Portland has a great film community in addition to its music community, so there’s always great things showing at any of the many theaters here. I go to the Hollywood and Academy Theatre a lot when I can find the time. I go to PCC for video production, so whenever I’m not in class, at the station, working my day job or sleeping I’m on set. I like to have a lot of different projects on my plate at once. My end goal is to be able to edit documentaries professionally, but I can do work in all other aspects of filmmaking in the meantime. I also like to draw, read comics and Stephen King novels, and play the drums. 

Beanie: What is one of your favorite memories in your time volunteering with Freeform?

Sharky Blue: There’s been a lot since I’ve been volunteering so much. Pretty much every time I’ve gotten out and interacted with other DJs has been great, whether it’s donor drive, station meetings or just seeing each other before a show, my interactions with other freeform DJs have been on the whole extremely positive. We’ve got a great community here and I’m glad to be a part of it.