The Worst Song in the World is…

This may not surprise you, but the Worst Song in the World, as chosen by you, is “Friday” by Rebecca Black.  It came from behind to dominate the championship and never left.

It is a terrible song.  When someone asks you, “What do you think the worst song in the World is?” you can say with absolute assurance that “”Friday” is the Worst Song in the World.  I know this because of science.”

Nearly 200 of you filled out a bracket.  That is very impressive, because as those of you who did it know, it took a while to fill out.  You care about what the worst song is.  And now we know for certain.

You can find the total votes for all 64 songs nominated and voted for (by YOU) here.

I’m glad we’ve settled this.

One, final time, may I present the official Worst Song in the World: