Wave of Mutilation


Friday Midnight-2AM

Welcome to the wave of mutilation. The purpose of this show is to support underground artists and showcase the music and recordings of the people!
I have sent out a message across the world, scouring the internet for independent artists and labels. There are a lot of talented musicians out there, and i am here to display them for you, by doing so I hope to help these artists spread the word of their sounds.
If you have any music to submit to the show please send it to

waveofmutilationPDX@Gmail. Com

I will accept recordings of any genre, new bands with plans to tour the northwest, or old defunct bands with forgotten records. Send me your best recordings!

If you’re coming through Portland I want to plug your dive bar or basement show. I want to supply an outlet for your old forgotten recordings or favorite unheard artists.

Seriously, if you have a cassette or hard drive full of weird sounds that you’ve compiled into something you are super proud of, I want to hear it!

If you have non digital music please send a request for the address to send hard copies of your music.

Thank you and please spread the word!!