Jesuit Bit My Hot Dog

VJ Norto

Novelty records are often parodies or humor songs which use unusual lyrics, subjects, sounds, or instrumentation, and may not even be musical. Danny Norton’s first vinyl LP purchase was Weird Al Yankovic’s 1984 album “In 3D.” He pivoted to accumulate exotica records like Martin Denny and Esquivel’s when they were dramatically undervalued in discount record bins. Danny pursued his interests in performing stand-up comedy and studying documentary filmmaking to Portland in May, 2000. He cofounded theater and short film collective Extra Medium Sketch Comedy and mobile music video museum Eye Candy VJs, which is still featured several nights weekly in bars and restaurants. He continues to hoard unconventional recordings to enjoy at home, but is excited to share his collection with friends and strangers over Freeform Portland’s airwaves. Jesuit Bit My Hotdog is a comical allusion to Industrial rock band Ministry’s 1992 single “Jesus Built My Hotrod.”